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About Us

Flyin Finn Motorsport have been on the Irish stages since 2005.
Back then it was one man armed with one camera recording what events he could for family & friends to enjoy.
As years past what was a one man band turned into a great bunch of friends all armed with cameras recording as many events as possible for the world to enjoy across you tube & dvd.

Flyin Finn Motorsport is here to provide you with the best watchable & enjoyable videos from the Irish stages both North & South on both gravel & tarmac. The crew travels the country and sometimes record in some of the worst weather Ireland has to offer so you can enjoy a sport we love recording from the comfort of your own home.

We now help provide footage for some of the top rally programs in the UK & Ireland. We work along side Special Stage Rally Review Show who broadcast on Motors TV, We also provide video footage for On The Limit Sports who produce shows for Utv, Utv Ireland, Motors Tv, TG4, Irish Tv and many more.

The Crew:
Eamonn Finn | Leigh Cavanagh | Patrick Corcoran | Ruaidhri Nash | Tony O’Brien (DYGM Photography) | Kevin O’Brien
and many others who help us capture the action.
 What Could Be Better Than Our Experience?

Racing is a great mania to which one must sacrifice everything, without reticence, without hesitation!

Enzo Ferrari

Our Service

Before each event we drive the stages to pick our locations, We choose locations that offer a good view for the camera so the viewer gets the best possible experience of that location. We also try and pick locations that test both driver & machine and that can result in some interesting viewing.

The best action captured

We normally have up to three cameras covering an event, We edit & upload highlights a few days after each event to show our followers from Ireland & across the world the best action captured.

Cars and Locations

We also offer when possible a dvd of the event. We show all the locations captured and most important all the cars captured on each location.

Compilation Videos

We also offer compilation videos on both Upload & Dvd
Promotional Videos for Motorclubs.

Sponsors Dvd

Sponsors Dvd: Great Idea if looking for or thanking sponsors including Incars & Logos.

Our Best Of Dvd’s : Our most popular is the Pushing It On series, Showing all the best action from that year.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.



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